Tuesday, February 27, 2007

27 Feb 07~Teh Wheel is BACK!

...that is all.


dipsy said...

Thank you, Timmeh! for hosting us reprobates during our outage. What a trooper! What foresight! And I loved teh cozy while it lasted.



Teh Squeaky Wheel Fallout Shelter said...


Thanx, Dip-C...that's sweet
of u to say.



Stephanie said...

WTF It's out again...I post one comment and blam...

dipsy said...

*Now we've exceeded our CPU quota?! I'm trying not to be a loser, but did all teh pics this morning 'splode teh wheel? I'm so sorry if that's teh case! It's just that the lack of posting abilities just built and built and I went a little bonkers. Crap!

SBH said...

SQueak? Squeak! Eep!